Post Doctoral Position

A 14 months (possibly extended to 18 months) post-doctoral position is open at the Departement de Geophysique Spatiale et Planetaire to work on Ionospheric Seismology and on the development of 3 dimensional tomography techniques of the Ionosphere for application in the monitoring of Solid Earth signals, such as earthquakes and tsunamis.

The development of GPS Ionospheric tomography techniques and Ionospheric Doppler imaging techniques (on Doppler HF bi-static sounders or Doppler mono-static overhorizon sounders) have given new tools for detecting and characterizing the acoustic generated signals of seismic waves and possibly tsunamis.

The Departement de Geophysique Spatiale et Planetaire is one of the leading research team in the modeling, detection and interpretation of these effects. Together with the Noveltis company, IPGP is developing 3 D tomography of the Ionosphere in Europe by using GPS networks and has access to the data of other sensors sensitive to seismo-ionospheric signals. It work in collaboration with the Centre d'Etude des Environnements Terrestres et Planetaires (CETP), located also in the Saint Maur des Fosses Campus.

The goal of the post-doc will be:

* to improve the Ionospheric tomographic techniques in order to achieve a 3D modeling of the ionosphere

* to improve the modeling of the seismo-ionospheric signals with a better description of the, interaction of the neutral acoustic or gravity waves with the ionospheric plasma and Earth magnetic field

* to study and analyse the impact of the 3D Ionospheric structure in the interpretation of Doppler seismic data from bi-static and mono-static sounders and radar

* to work on the assimilation of other type of data, including occultation data and ionospheric data from the Demeter mission and participate in the definition of future seismo-ionospheric dedicated space missions.

The post-doc will be based in the Departement de Geophysique Spatiale et Planetaire, Saint Maur des Fosses, France (Director P.Lognonne). Strong collaboration with the Noveltis company (Toulouse) and CETP (J.J. Berthelier) in Saint Maur is foreseen.

A thesis in external geophysics or strong background in external geophysics is requested, together with a skill in multi-disciplinary projects

The salary will be 2000 Euros per months and the position is open to all citizen of the European Community, and more generally to all citizen able to obtain a working visa for France. The position duration will be 14 months and can start in January 2004.

Proposal including a CV, letter of motivation and 3 letters of recommendations should be sent to

C. Desfoux

Departement de Geophysique Spatiale et Planetaire

Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris

4 Avenue de Neptune

94100 Saint Maur des Fosses


Contact: R. Garcia (