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Space Research and Planetary studies

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The team of Space research and planetary studies is constituted of researchers, engineers, technicians and Ph-D students. The research topics are mainly the comparative planetology, the research at the frontiers of internal and external geophysics, and the design and development of the instruments for the future space and planetary missions.


Philippe Lognonné
lognonne @ipgp.jussieu.fr

Director of the Department
Professor at the University of Paris VII

Research topics: seismology long-period, tomographic inversions, coupling Earth / atmosphere, Martian and lunar geophysics

Jeannine Gagnepain-Beyneix
beyneix @ipgp.jussieu.fr

Associate physicist

Research topics: lunar seismology, seismic instrumentation

Yves Cohen
cohen @ipgp.jussieu.fr

Chargé de Recherche at the CNRS

Research topics: terrestrial and Martian crustal magnetic anomalies, equatorial electrojet

Mark Wieczorek
wieczorek @ipgp.jussieu.fr

   Chargé de Recherche at the CNRS

   Research topics: lunar geodesy and volcanism , planetary surfaces

Raphael Garcia
garcia @ipgp.jussieu.fr

   Assistant professor, University Paris 7

   Research topics: Earth's core, planetary seismology

Peter van Thienen
thienen @ipgp.jussieu.fr

   Postdoc MAGE network

   Mantle convection modelling applied to Mars

Alam Kherani
alam @ipgp.jussieu.fr

   Postdoc RTE

   Infrasound-ionosphere coupling and 3d inospheric tomography parametrisation

Engineers and technicians of the Department

Patrick Schibler
schibler @ipgp.jussieu.fr

Research Engineer CNRS
Technical Director of the Department

Program Mars, NetLander, Balloons

David Mimoun
mimoun @ipgp.jussieu.fr

Research Engineer CNRS

VBB and Ionospheric seismology System Engineer

Christiane Desfoux
desfoux @ipgp.jussieu.fr

Research Assistant Engineer CNRS

Secretary of the Department, accountant

Taoufik Gabsi (real time seismic alert system)
gabsi @ipgp.jussieu.fr

Research Engineer CNRS

Planetary seismometer, Computing manager

Nicolas Striebig
striebig @ipgp.jussieu.fr

Assistant Engineer CNRS

R&D, NetLander

André Anglade
anglade @ipgp.jussieu.fr

Research Engineer CNRS

R&T VBB NetLander

Tanguy Nebut
nebut @ipgp.jussieu.fr

Research Engineer CNRS

Modeling of VBB planetary seismometers

Pierre Emmanuel Godet
godet @ipgp.jussieu.fr

Research Engineer CNES

Space Science data base management

Olivier Pot
pot @ipgp.jussieu.fr

Research Technician CNRS

R&D, NetLander

PhD students

Matthieu Lefeuvre
lefeuvre @ipgp.jussieu.fr

PhD Student MENRT grant holder

Research topics: Comparative Planetology

Ana rita Batista
aritacastro @clix.pt

   PhD Student FCT Grant (Portuguese ministery of science and technology)

   Research topics: Interactions between the solar wind and the ionosphere on Mars

Giovanni Occhipinti
occhip @ipgp.jussieu.fr

   PhD Student Temporary Assistant professor at University Paris 7

   Research topics: Atmospheric seismology and radar.

Francois Crespon
crespon @ipgp.jussieu.fr

PhD Student IPGP/Noveltis CIFRE grant holder

Research topics: Ionospheric and Tropospheric imaging with GPS.

Cedric Gillmann
gillmann @ipgp.jussieu.fr

   PhD Student MENRT grant holder
Habitability of the planets. Relations between internal dynamics and atmosphere of the planets

Céline Blitz
blitz @ipgp.jussieu.fr

   PhD Student
Wave propagation in porous and fractured media: application to planetary rhegolith and oil reservoirs

visiting scientists
Hitoshi Mitzutani
mizutani227 @yahoo.co.jp

   Professor, Visiting scientist (ISAS)

   Seismology of the moon and other planets

Trainees and short-term workers

Caroline Salvy
salvy @ipgp.jussieu.fr

   Sup'aero training period
Planetary sismometer project

Other engineers and technicians taking part in the projects of the Department